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    SEO the Ever Changing Cycle

    Since the Google update began, SEO has not been a thing of joy for many people. A lot of people believe Google is witching hunting the small business owner. No doubt, many webmasters lost their source of livelihood and had to seek a day job especially after the penguin update. To them, SEO has come to an end. I’m going to discuss some little tips and hints about the updates and SEO in 2012.

    Google has carried out two major updates that affected a lot of webmasters negatively namely Panda and Penguin. Panda update was targeted at crap content while Penguin was targeted at over optimization. However, subsequent penguin update has seen a lot of sites with spammy links receiving the unnatural link warning notice on webmaster tool and the affected sites lost their ranking drastically and even penalized or de-indexed.

    What a lot of people don’t know is Google only started enforcing the law and nothing significant has changed. The law has been the way it was since 2001 only minor changes were made. For instance, crap content is highly frowned upon by Google so also over optimizing a site or content for your keywords.

    I always say this in my write up, nothing is constant in life. Lazy webmasters that couldn’t do any real SEO/back links gave up the fight and went into a real day job leaving the SERP vacant and easy to rank for the white hatters.

    If you or your SEO expert uses scraped content to build back link for your site then it’s high time to have a rethink and start using only unique content. At most, give the content to your site first before distributing it to other sites.

    There is a strong myth that the use of software for back linking is not ideal anymore but that is not true. Just like guns, software is good and bad. It depends on the handler and the way it’s been used. So for panda sake update your home page and main pages content if any of them show plagiarism if ran on copy cape.

    For penguin stick to a keyword density of less than 3% or your ranking is likely to get hurt in the next update. Do not over optimize your title, description, tags and never place keywords in your image.

    Building back links in 2012 has not changed that much, all you have to do to remain safe is use a variety of back links strategies like article directories, blogging, directories, guest post, blogroll, press release, social bookmarking, wiki, web 2.0, link pyramid, link wheel, doc sharing, private network e.t.c. And also diversify your keywords, use the URL itself, do and no follow links because all this tell the search engine that it’s human. For example if, you are to submit your site to 200 directories manually, you are going to use different keywords and the URL itself. And even if you don’t want to use the URL itself you will be forced to on sites that do not allow the use of keywords.

    Keep it natural and non spammy and you will be safe.

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